Karl Schicker

Karl is a chartered professional engineer with 8 years’ experience and has a strong background in hydro power stations, commissioning and transformers. Karl previously worked for Contact Energy at the Clyde and Roxburgh Dams, within this role he was responsible for a 5 year project involving the replacement of fifteen 17MVA single phase transformers at Roxburgh power station. Karl is known for his technical ability and outgoing attitude, this has been recognised by the EEA after receiving a merit award for his presentation of his paper at the 2016 EEA conference.

Paul Vaughan

Paul is a Chartered Engineer with 20 years’ experience in the power industry, including hydro power engineering experience in both New Zealand and Australia.  Prior to being employed at MEL Paul worked for both consultancies and generation utilities and has a detailed practical knowledge of the design, maintenance and life cycle optimisation requirements of generation equipment.  During his time at MEL Paul has undertaken design, specification, testing and commissioning of protection, excitation and C&I systems, as well as managing the design of multiple generation projects.  

Brad Henderson

Brad is a senior power system’s engineer with 11 years experience. He previously worked for DIgSILENT, the developers of PowerFactory and StationWare software which is used widely throughout the world for power system modelling and analysis. Through this role, Brad was responsible for delivering software training courses in these two products and  the development of the Australian and NZ training syllabus.

Chris Waite

Chris is a Principal Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand HV Power industry.  Chris has undertaken substation design, build and commissioning projects for transmission and distribution companies at voltages ranging from 11 up to 500 kV for a variety of switchgear and HV plant.  Chris is also an experienced secondary systems and protection design engineer and has completed a number of control, SCADA and protection settings designs for both small and large scale projects.  Chris joined MEL in 2013 and in the time since has worked on primary and se

Rachel Clapcott

Rachel is an electrical engineer with six years’ experience in New Zealand and Canadian power industries. She has worked on a range of projects including earth grid injection testing and design, power system and induction studies and construction management. Rachel has experience as the design lead for substation protection and control upgrade projects and more recently as the design lead for substation primary design.

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