Earthing, Lightning Protection & EMF

Ravikumar Patel

Ravikumar joined Mitton ElectroNet after graduating from the University of Canterbury, with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 2018. Since joining the earthing team, Ravikumar has been involved in a wide range of projects in earthing design, testing and modelling.

Travis Eaton

Travis joined Mitton ElectroNet’s Earthing Team in January 2018, after graduating from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Hons). Travis has undertaken testing of earthing systems around New Zealand and Australia. He has become familiar with the design and modelling of earthing systems using CDEGS, and the safety analysis of earthing. Travis has also performed a number of arc flash studies, analysing the potential for arc flash hazards.

Sheenal Kumar

Sheenal joined Mitton ElectroNet's Earthing Team in 2018 after graduating from Auckland University of Technology with Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Hons). Sheenal has been involved in a wide range of earthing projects including testing, designing and modelling.

Joshua Rich

Joshua joined MEL after graduating from the University of Canterbury, with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 2016. He has worked as a Summer student with both MEL and Wellington Electricity, giving him a broad range of experience within the power industry. Since joining the earthing team, Joshua has been involved in a wide range of projects and has become adept in earthing system design, testing and modelling and arc flash studies.


Patrick Coombe

Patrick has two years’ experience in the power systems industry. Patrick’s core work lies in the earthing space, including the modelling, design and testing of earthing systems, by analysing the performance of the earthing system under various fault conditions. He has also undertaken numerous projects for the wider team, often involving power system modelling, fault studies, arc flash studies, lightning protection systems and basic protection design. Patrick is also involved in project management, including the routine earth testing programme for one of our largest clients.


Torry Hanson

Torry has three years’ experience in the power industry, having completed his Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Hons) at the University of Canterbury in 2014.  Torry joined Mitton ElectroNet’s Earthing Team in 2015. Torry has comprehensive knowledge in earthing system design, testing and safety analysis.  He has completed earth system testing extensively throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Torry is also actively involved in the arc-flash protection space by completing studies and designing protection systems that achieve safe outcomes.


Stuart Banks


Stuart’s experience in the electrical industry includes industrial installation and maintenance work and design in both LV and HV environments.  He has worked on varying projects in New Zealand and numerous critical facilities building services projects such as data centres and trading floors in the United Kingdom and Australia. 

Since joining MEL in 2012, Stuart has undertaken a variety of projects including earthing system design, testing and modelling, arc flash surveys and analysis, project management and high voltage design.  

Rob Orange

Rob has thirteen years of experience in the power industry in the Asia-Pacific region. In the last five years with Mitton ElectroNet Rob has been involved in various grid connection studies for Australian sites, earth grid testing activities, and the development of Python and iOS applications to automate tasks within the business. 


Brad Rooney

Brad has extensive experience in the transmission and distribution industry within New Zealand and Australia. He has experience in substation design, having worked on projects up to 500 kV and has performed the role of lead primary designer and design manager. Since joining Mitton ElectroNet, Brad has been a leader in our earthing team, specialising in earthing design and testing and has presented original earthing papers at conferences in both New Zealand and Australia.

Philip Boys

Philip is a Principal Electrical Engineer and has 20 years’ experience in the fields of earthing (design, testing and analysis), LFI Induction (interference between power lines and telecommunications and pipeline infrastructure), EMF analyses, lightning protection, risk analysis and substation design.  Philip undertakes hands-on design work while managing and mentoring young engineers.  Philip provides expertise to generation, transmission and distribution utilities throughout Australasia and has presented at national and international conferences.

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