Communications & Control

Yafei Qu

Yafei is an experienced IT Systems engineer, with backgrounds in both computer science and communication engineering. Yafei has recently joined the CC&I team, after previously having been working in the software industry, following his MSc study in Trinity College, Dublin. Since joining MEL, Yafei has been involved with a wide range of studies, including VR project development, microwave communication design and emerging technology studies.  

James Craib

James was recruited by Mitton ElectroNet in 2009 after graduating with an Engineering Degree from the University of Canterbury in 2008.  James initially undertook a number of earthing and lightning design and review projects before working in communications engineering.  James has since undertaken a number of communications system upgrades and has experience with a variety of communications technologies including broadband, fibre-optic, multipoint and point-to-point UHF/VHF and microwave systems.  More recently, James has undertaken a number of secondary substation designs as part of Trans

Angus Henderson


Angus is a telecommunications engineer with 20 years’ industry experience.  Angus provides consulting, project management, strategic advice and system engineering across infrastructure based networks and telecommunication projects. A good communicator, technology researcher and innovator, Angus adapts easily to ever changing business needs and the fast changing technology world.

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