Substation Design

Mitton ElectroNet offer complete design and project management services for the design and construction of high voltage substations, from 500 kV to 11 kV and below. Designs range from green-field sites through to the upgrading refurbishment of existing installations whilst minimising disruption to supply. The solution can be customised to meet your requirements of cost, timing and maintenance.

Design Services

• Conceptual design and planning 500kV to 11kV (or less)
• Detailed civil, structural and electrical design
• Control, protection, metering, SCADA and communications
• Equipment specifications, contract documentation and administration
• Design and installation standards
• Design and turnkey supply of mobile substations

Project Management

Dedicated project management services for the design and construction phases of large projects, including:

• Site supervision
• Test witnessing
• Commissioning
• Programme monitoring
• Contract administration
• Quality and safety reviews