Our Projects

Waipa Networks is in the final stages of stringing a new 110 kV transmission line between Transpowers Te Awamutu and Hangatiki Substations.  The line has been installed in close proximity to the KiwiRail owned main trunk line along this 30 km section of the Waikato region.  Mitton ElectroNet has been liaising with Waipa Networks, KiwiRail and other interested businesses in the vicinity, to carry out a number of investigations ensuring influences by the new line are acceptable.

Power Line Carrier (PLC) systems have been used in the power industry since the early 19th century. Since those early days there has been two world wars, the birth of the internet and an explosion in digital communications. With modern applications requiring fibre optic and microwave based transport systems, PLC is often overlooked as a suitable communication medium. However, where only low volumes of data are required, and they have to be transmitted over long distances, PLC technology can still be considered a practical and economic technology.

Mitton ElectroNet tendered for and has been selected as the design specialist for the works at HWB and the thirteen zone substations. 

Meridian Energy awarded the competitive tender for Mill Creek Wind Farm to Mitton ElectroNet  as a trusted consultant. The scope of works encompassed the design right from the turbines to the Mill Creek Switching Station and all the way to the grid interconnetion point, at Wilton Substation.

Mitton ElectroNet provided the lead design expertise on the 110/33-22-11 kV mobile substation project; the largest mobile substation built in New Zealand. The main usage of a mobile substation is to prevent long power outages when activities such as maintenance and protection ​upgrades are taken place. It can also act as a spare transformer when power outage occurs due to faults or damage in substations. The mobile substation is suitable for smaller substations in rural areas as it handles up to 20 MW of load; equivalent to about 5,000 households.

MEL and ElectroNet Services (ENS) completed the design / build of the 110kV switchyard and transmission line for the new Nova Energy McKee gas-fired power station; their largest and most modern station rated at approximately 100 MW. The station is located near Todd Energy’s McKee & Mangahewa gas fields, approximately 20km East of New Plymouth and comprises two  GE LM6000 PC SPRINT open cycle gas turbines connected to the 110kV grid via 65MVA step up transformers.