Power Systems – Modelling & Protection


Mitton ElectroNet has a strong protection team with skills in HV, MV, and LV protection design and configuration.  Our services are complementary to our substation design services and include:

  • Conceptual design
  • Secondary systems specification and design
  • Fault analysis and modelling
  • Protection settings and configuration
  • Protection event investigation
  • EIPC compliance assessment

Power System Modelling

Modern power systems planning and operations relies on extensive use of power systems analysis tools using the latest models and techniques to ensure the power system is operated and run in the most efficient and reliable manner.  Mitton ElectroNet can assist with the following modelling and analysis tasks:

  • Development of network models using DIgSILENT PowerFactory, ETAP, PSCAD, or MATLAB software
  • Load-flow and short circuit studies
  • Generation connection studies
  • Voltage stability assessment
  • Conductor / cable sizing
  • Motor starting studies
  • Power factor correction assessment
  • Transformer rating
  • GIS integration
  • Transient stability studies
  • Governor and AVR tuning
  • Generator EIPC compliance assessment
  • Scripting and automation using DPL or Python

Arc Flash Hazard Assessment

Arc Flash is electrical hazard caused when an electrical fault occurs.  During such a fault, an electrical arc develops which generates a large amount of heat and pressure in a short period of time. The results can be catastrophic for equipment and personnel with the effects to objects and people in close proximity not unlike the effects of conventional explosives.  Severe burns, pressure injuries, and in the worst case death could be the result.

The Mitton ElectroNet team is experienced in undertaking arc flash hazard assessment.  

  • Site visit and assessment of accessible locations
  • Calculation of arc flash hazards according to IEEE1584
  • Recommendation of mitigation strategies
  • Automatic generation of reports, printing of labels and creation of signage for fast identification of hazards on site