Earthing, Lightning Protection & EMF

Mitton ElectroNet specialises in earthing, lightning protection and EMF design and modelling for the power and industrial sectors. Mitton ElectroNet is the leader in these fields within New Zealand with a highly experienced team who provide design, modelling and testing services throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

Design and Modelling

  • Conceptual earth grid design and layouts of substations, power stations and industrial sites
  • Detailed earthing design including equipment connecitons, conductor sizing and installation requirements
  • Desktop safety analysis of existing earthing systems
  • Establishment and review of earthing design and installation standards
  • Conceptual and detailed lightning protection system design including shielding coverage modelling
  • Electromagnetic field modelling


Earth System Testing

Earth system testing is performed for routine maintenance, pre-construction safety analysis, or earthing commissioning. Testing is performed using the off-frequency techniques, so that systems can remain online.

Off-frequency current injection testing measures:

  • Earthing system impedance
  • Earth grid impedance
  • Earth grid voltage rise
  • Earth potential rise
  • Step, touch and transferred voltages
  • Telecommunications related voltage contours
  • Current splits
  • Tower footing impedance
  • Soil resistivity measurement
  • Earth connection continuity measurements

Earthing Inspections

Inspections are conducted to assess the condition of the earthing system and to determine whether the installation complies with the relevant standards and design requirements. These inspections typically include:

  • Conductor and joint inspections
  • Primary plant earth connection inspections
  • Substation surface inspections