Communications & Control

Mitton ElectroNet are skilled in the design and implementation of transmission systems for telecommunications and control network connectivity. Covering both legacy and IP data network architectures and topologies, we can integrate with your existing networks or develop new communications systems for your project or network.

Communications System Design

  • Communications strategy and risk analysis
  • Technical roadmaps and development frameworks
  • Business case development for communication investment
  • Research studies, tendering services, and equipment recommendations
  • Communication system equipment specification and procurement management
  • Radio planning and microwave path analysis,
  • Design and optimisation for fixed linking and land mobile networks
  • Legacy data network design
  • Hardened ethernet networks and substation network design
  • Fibre optic design and implementation management
  • Low latency high reliability tele-protection systems design
  • Voice telephony systems
  • Site selection and repeater site development
  • Coordination of equipment co-location and site sub-lease
  • Communication system commissioning and testing
  • System fault investigation and analysis
  • End-user training

Control & Automation

  • Control system architecture design
  • SCADA concepts and user requirement specifications
  • Control system upgrades
  • PLC specification and procurement
  • PLC programming to IEC standards
  • Site implementation, testing and commissioning
  • HMI interfaces
  • Bench testing
  • End user training
  • Documentation and code review