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Mitton ElectroNet has a team of over 80 staff, located across New Zealand. We are a New Zealand owned company and have provided electrical design and specialist services to the power industry for many years.

We pride ourselves on being a thought leader for the industry, and have a focus on innovative and technology-driven solutions. Our in-house innovation incubator, MLabs, gives our team the opportunity to drive constant improvement to systems, technologies, and processes.

We are more than just consultants - customers can consider us a trusted partner and an extension of their business. Our expertise and performance has enabled formation of preferred consulting (design panel) agreements with Meridian Energy, Contact Energy, Trustpower, PowerNet, Orion, Alpine Energy, Nova Energy, ElectraNet, TransGrid, Jemena and Transpower.

Culture at Mitton

Our success depends on collaboration - both with our clients, and within Mitton ElectroNet itself. It’s almost rare for a customer project to involve just one department; more often teams will work cross-functionally to deliver a top-quality project and a seamless customer experience.

This culture transfers to our client relationships; we value collaboration and firmly believe in open and honest communication at every stage of a project. Projects don’t always run 100% to plan, and if something unexpected happens we will be there to resolve it quickly, talk you through the issue, and examine our internal processes to make sure it isn’t repeated.

Meet the team

We are proud to promote an internal culture of transparency, innovation, and growth - a culture where no question is off-limits and no office door is closed to questions. 

We love new ideas, and we know that the next great Mitton ElectroNet innovation could come from any area of the business (not necessarily dreamt up in a boardroom) and from someone who’s been with the company for years, or someone who came on board last month.


Mitton ElectroNet was formed in 2007 from the merger of Mitton Consulting and ElectroNet Services, and we’re proud to combine the best of both companies.

Mitton Consulting was formed in 1989 and provided services to the NZ Power Industry including substation, protection and earthing design. ElectroNet Services is part of the Westpower Group and provides asset management, construction and maintenance services to Westpower, and the same services to hydro generation companies throughout New Zealand. Electronet Services also owns ElectroNet Transmission, a transmission maintenance and construction contractor. 

The combined skill base enables Mitton ElectroNet to offer specialist power systems services across the industry.


At Mitton ElectroNet we're proud of our people and our culture. Our company values are key to guiding our behaviour and delivering great results.These values reflect our commitment to continued improvement, excellence in customer service, and innovation in all that we do.

Job Opportunities

If you are ready to contribute to an innovative company and grow your strengths in a collaborative environment, we’d love to talk to you about opportunities at Mitton ElectroNet.

We are always looking for exceptional people to join the Mitton ElectroNet team.

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