Communications Network Upgrade

Alpine Energy Ltd engaged Mitton ElectroNet Ltd to develop a high level network design to ensure the reliable and secure provision of SCADA communications for their electricity distribution network. Mitton ElectroNet Ltd was chosen because of its proven track record with communication design.

Project Overview & Design

Mitton ElectroNet was engaged to review existing communications schemes at Alpine Energy Ltd and to investigate and recommend a modernised and future -proofed communication architecture and topology. Mitton ElectroNet researched modern industry technologies and practices and suggested a highly resilient ruggedized IP network for the substation environment interlinked with a hybrid fibre optic and licensed/GURL radio bearer network. Cost economics, maintainability, reliability and a future proofed technology combined with integration of multiple services formed the key elements of the final design and equipment selection. Radio repeater site development, equipment configuration and commissioning plans were also developed as part of this project.

Project Outcome

Mitton ElectroNet was able to recommend a suitable scheme to increase Alpine’s network security, flexibility, functionality and maintainability. Since the completion of this design project, Alpine has begun an upgrade of their network using Mitton ElectroNet’s proposal.

Added Value

Mitton ElectroNet’s experience in communications enabled a cost efficient means of upgrading of the Apline Energy Network to providing a resilient and high quality network for years to come.

Published on Tuesday, December 6th, 2011, under Communications, Projects